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Среда, 10.08.2022
Главная » 2014 » Декабрь » 10 » Resource Hacker FX (Rus/Eng) PC | Rip by X-NET
Resource Hacker FX (Rus/Eng) PC | Rip by X-NET

Resource Hacker - программа для просмотра, извлечения, изменения и дополнения ресурсов Win32-приложений, т.е. по своей функциональной направленности схожая с широко известной программой Restorator, но бесплатна.

Особенности репака
• Удален лишний мусор
• Интегрирован русския язык
• Контекстное меню от программы
• Сделан на основе FX версии
Про версию FX
Изменения от оригинала (ENG)

• Partial Unicode support.

• A new interface with modern icons and a manifest.
Icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane.

• Resource Hacker FX does not create tree nodes for every language. Usually only one language is used anyway, so it makes it much faster to navigate through resources.

• Resource Hacker FX uses the new open and save common dialogs instead of the old outdated ones. Also, some saving as parameters got improved: the directory of the current file is initially shown, the file name gets filled, the extension is automatically added if not specified.

• If you have a modified file open and you close Resource Hacker FX, you have a Cancel option when asked whether you would like to save the file. Also, if you choose to save it, it just gets saved instead of saving as.

• The Hex viewer shows only the first 10 KB of the binary resource by default to prevent hanging Resource Hacker FX. I could not really fix it, as it’s the Rich Edit control’s fault, it’s quite slow with large texts. Well, it’s not too smart to use Rich Edit to view a Hex dump, but that’s how it works. 10 KB should be usually enough to understand what the resource is about. If it isn’t, you can hold shift to load the whole resource.

• Other minor additions, like e.g. double click to replace resource, minimizing/maximizing effects.

• Lots of bug fixes.

А если коротко, это улучшение программы через версию автора мода

• Тип издания: Repack
• Разработчик: Ангус Джонсон
• Платформа: PC
• Версия программы:
• Язык интерфейса: Русский
• Таблетка: Не требуется

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