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A. Graham Bell Modern Engine Tuning [ENG]

[left]Описана доводка и модернизация современных четырёхтактных бензиновых двигателей изначально созданных в соответствии с современными нормами токсичности выбросов, работающих на высокооктановом неэтилированном бензине и снабжённых электронными системами управления.[/left]

[left]Автор: A. Graham Bell
Жанр:Руководство по ремонту
Издательство: «Haynes Publishing»
Серия: Haynes
Язык : Английский
Размер: 212 Мб

Второе, переработанное и дополненное издание книги, первоначально изданной в 1989 году.

Содержит описания подготовки двигателей к повседневной эксплуатации и соревнованиям с целью повышения их мощности и экономичности, повышения эффективности работы и снижения токсичности выхлопа.

Описание на английском
Four stroke engines have entered a new era; an era of pollution controls, unleaded and low lead fuel, and electronic engine management systems. For the engine and car enthusiast the situation may appear perplexing and confusing, in fact some engine tuners pine for the "good old days". They feel that high performance and engine
tinkering is now on the way out. This couldn' t be further from the truth; performance is here. Modern engines offer a greater potential for performance and economy than those of previous times.
Today's engines feature better cylinder heads with large valves, and port and combustion chamber designs far superior to those available in the past. Many feature fuel injection, along with high flow inlet and exhaust manifolds. Ignition systems able to provide precisely timed combustion for more power and efficiency. Lightweight, but stronger pistons, connecting rods and crankshafts which give greater reliability and allow higher rpm. Small turbos and sophisticated management systems have allowed high power outputs without turbo lag. The list could go on, for from whatever aspect present day engines are examined, the irrefutable conclusion has to be that these engines provide a fine base for performance-oriented development.
In this book I have set out to show the enthusiast how electronic controls and emission controls work, and how current engines can be modified for performance with cam, exhaust and carburation changes, and still pass emission inspections in those lands with such requirements. The end result is a book which I believe outlines in a non-technical manner simple and inexpensive tuning modifications for road and occasional club competition engines, with the emphasis on economy and useable street power. I am sure that you will find this publication an informative and valuable
tuning aid.

Preface 6
Chapter 1 Introduction 7
Chapter 2 The Cylinder Head 14
Chapter 3 Fuel and Compression Ratio 30
Chapter 4 The Camshaft 44
Chapter 5 The Valve Train 63
Chapter 6 The Exhaust 72
Chapter 7 Carburation 83
Chapter 8 Fuel Injection 108
Chapter 9 The Ignition System 132
Chapter 10 Turbocharging and Intercooling 158
Chapter 11 The Bottom End 178
Chapter 12 Lubrication 190
Chapter 13 Cooling 198
Chapter 14 Pollution Control and the Law 207
Chapter 15 Dyno Tuning 224
Chapter 16 Gearing 228
Chapter 17 Suspension and Brakes 234
Chapter 18 Tall Tales, or True? 244
Appendix Table bf Useful Equivalents 265
Index 267

Полностью распознан и сформирован в PDF, DjVu - внутреняя навигация с поиском по тексту и копированием


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