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Главная » 2011 » Июль » 21 » ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5.0 Retail [Multi/Rus] + Ключ + Portable by Valx
ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5.0 Retail [Multi/Rus] + Ключ + Portable by Valx

ArtRage Studio - пакет для живописи, предназначенный для того, чтобы обеспечить реалистичные результаты, используя методы рисования на холсте различными инструментами, такими например как ручки, карандаши и мелки.

Год: 2011
Название Программы: ArtRage Studio Pro
Версия программы: 3.5.0
Последняя Версия программы: 3.5.0
Язык интерфейса: Multi/Rus
Лечение: в комплекте, готовый серийник (FOSI)
Системные требования:
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Размер: 179 Мб

Вы можете работать с программой, используя в своих интересах преимущества уникального взаимодействия пера и экрана, что дает возможность ощутить реалистичность живописи.
Графический редактор, имитирует рисование на обычной бумаге привычными для художника инструментами. Во всем дизайне чувствуется реализм. Лист, на котором рисуешь, легко поворачивается, приближается и удаляется. Из инструментов можно выбрать карандаш, кисть, фломастер, пастель и много других. Присутствует регулировка давления, прилагаемое при рисовании каким-либо инструментом, например, кистью или карандашом. При рисовании панели автоматически убираются, не мешая закончить линию.

What's New in ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.5?
ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro 3.5 are available as a free update to registered users of the product. The new contain a host of major new features and improvements.

Users of multiprocessor or multicore machines will see substantial speed increases when using version 3.5. Multithreading support has been added to the tools and many of the processor intensive functions in the application.
Package Files
Package Files make the process of sharing custom content like stickers, presets and stencils easy. The Package system lets you gather together as many custom resources as you like and compress them in to an easy to use data file that can be shared with other users and installed with a double click.
Double click and ArtRage extracts and installs the contents of the Package automatically to the user content folders without you having to lift a finger.

Installed Packages save a receipt which allows easy uninstallation or repair at a later date.

(Studio Pro) Create your own Package Files, and add author notes and a preview image to personalize it before distribution.

(Studio Pro) Save out partially completed Package Files to a Template so that you can work on them over multiple sessions.
ArtRage Script Files allow users to record the process of painting as it happens in to a data file that can be played back later, reproducing the strokes that made up the painting dynamically for the viewer. Record your art for posterity, create tutorials with annotations explaining techniques, and share the process of painting as well as the finished result.
Download and play back scripts at original or accelerated speed to see the painting constructed live on your canvas. The end result is a PTG file complete with all its texture and paint data.

Play back scripts at different resolutions, recreating your artwork at larger or smaller sizes without losing quality as you would if you resized the original.

(Studio Pro) Record paintings in a Script File that can be shared with other users.

(Studio Pro) Annotate scripts as you record with Note Bubbles and Spotlights that draw the viewer's attention to areas of the canvas during playback. Great for creating tutorials or sharing your knowledge by explaining why you're using a certain technique or tool.

(Studio Pro) Scripts are saved with the painting as you work, allowing you to come back to a session and continue recording later.
The ArtRage Scripting System is built on a Scripting Language that can be used by advanced script authors to create manually written scripts in a simple text file.
Scripts recorded in ArtRage can be edited manually. Want to change the color of a single stroke you made in the painting, or change the tool that was used? You can adjust and rewrite every element of the painting script however you require.

Control almost every aspect of ArtRage via written commands, including paint strokes, transformations, settings, built in filtering and more. This deep level of control allows you to automate complex processes in a single file.

Work with C++ style functions and variable manipulation. The script language supports a wide range of variable types and operators, allowing you to write scripts for procedural painting.

The script language includes user input options, so you can create scripts with branching functionality or allow the user to select values for numeric or string variables in the script while it plays.
Artistic Enhancements
3.5 contains a number of enhancements to the natural painting simulation, including enhancements to tools and color systems.
The Real Color Blending system in ArtRage Studio Pro has been rewritten from the ground up to produce better blending results at faster speeds.

You can load your Palette Knife with paint and create smooth strokes of pigment across the canvas, blending as you go. Studio Pro allows control over the precise angle of the knife edge if you want to create uniform strokes without worrying about how you hold the stylus.

The Airbrush has new controls for the sharpness of its falloff so that you can create hard edged strokes, and adds control over drips in the nozzle to allow spattered paint effects.

Hard tipped media tools such as Pencils, Crayons, and Chalks have been tweaked to allow more expressive variation based on stylus pressure when they interact with the canvas.
Other Features & Improvements
There are many other feature adjustments and improvements in ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro 3.5, including improvements to the interface to smooth out workflow, tweaks to tools to give quick access to important functionality, and other changes to features that have been requested since the release of 3.0.

Особенности программы:
• только художественные инструменты
• поддерживает планшеты, угол, нажим
• можно подложить образец и рисовать по нему красками
• задаётся масштаб, прозрачность
• слои и операции над ними
• металлизированная краска (включается под палетой цвета)
• в качестве палитры большой выбор встроенных
• нравится детям, и легко ими осваивается, интуитивно понятный и лёгкий интерфейс

Процедура лечения:
Установить программу, зарегистрировать серийником из KEY.txt, в настройках отключить "автоматическое обновление" (первый скриншот), с помощью фаервола запретить программе сетевую активность.


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