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Суббота, 25.09.2021
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Screenshot Studio v1.9.96
Screenshot Studio позволяет быстро получать скриншоты рабочего стола. Программа позволяет добавлять аннотации к картинке, подсвечивать области, добавлять геометрические фигуры, быстро загружать полученные изображения на файлсервер.

A brief list of features:
- All-in-one Tool: create, edit, save and load screenshots from one place in a few clicks
- Grab Everything: you can take screenshots from standard, Direct3D and OpenGL modes. Some videoplayers are also supported
- Powerful Annotation System: you will need just a couple of seconds to highlight important fragments of your screenshot. Screenshot Studio is extremely recommended for those who spend hours annotating pictures using standard applications like MS Paint and other ones. Standard instruments palette includes: Text Fields, Freeform Drawings, Vector Lines, Rectangles and Ellipses with alpha blending support
- Different output formats including: PNG, JPEG, BMP, HTML, MHT, ZIP, etc. In case of using PNG you can load screenshot to the program back and continue editing from the point you finished previously Native File Format lets you creating of screenshot projects to maintain and modify required screenshots
- Fast and Free Publication Engine: it takes just a few seconds to upload your screen captures onto specially designed screenshot site and get a FREE link for their distribution over WWW. Image link is secure and you can be sure you the only person who can make it public.
- Quick Export into external editors: need more image processing instruments? Quickly export screenshots into external editor and do what you need

Информация о программе:
Год выхода: 2012
ОС: Windows
Язык интерфейса: ebglish
Лекарство: keygen-FFF
Размер файла: 1.23 mb

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