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Среда, 16.06.2021
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Paretologic PC Health Advisor

Paretologic PC Health Advisor - содержит набор инструментов для оптимизации, очистки, защиты и поддержания работы компьютера. PC Health Advisor исправляет типичные ошибки, которые могут мешать Windows-процессам и удаляет файлы, которые замедляют функционирование и загромождают среду компьютера. С помощью PC Health Advisor пользователь может отслеживать использование ресурсов, памяти и блокировать нежелательные операции. PC Health Advisor совместима с 32 и 64-битными операционными системами Windows.

There are so many ways for your computer to slow down and lose performance power. Until now, optimizing your PC by addressing each of these factors took advanced technical knowledge, a variety of complex tools, and plenty of your time. Now, there is ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor. This innovative software boasts a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize, clean, maintain and even protect your computer. It easily fixes common errors that can plague your computer and clears away files that clutter and slow down your system. PC Health Advisor is no regular utility program.

• Optimize speed and performance
-- Defragment the disk to increase speed and regain space
-- Improve computer start speeds by managing startup items
-- Stay informed with constantly monitored Windows processes
-- Stop slowdowns, plummeting performance, and fix common errors by cleaning the Windows Registry
• Clean up junk files
-- Reclaim space and memory by removing duplicate and temporary files
-- Delete Internet cached and history information
-- Blast away unwanted web browser add-ons with Browser Object Manager
• Increase security
-- Find and remove malware that is running in active processes
-- Continually updated malware processes database keeps you protected
-- Protect confidential information - clean away Internet privacy files
• Access to great tools
-- Scans for and helps you update outdated device drivers for greater performance and stability
-- Search for specific file extensions and receive help in downloading programs that support it
-- Save disk space by disabling Windows features like hibernate or desktop search
-- Convenient scheduling of scans and disk defragmentation

ОС: Windows XP/Vista/7
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